Why choose PalaciosMar?


At PalaciosMar Group we understand what matters most to you. Our work only begins when you select one of our projects.

Since the moment that a customer shows their interest, we provide an added value to ensure success.




 Come and visit us in order to start working together in close proximity, providing them with advice based on their own profile and preferences, informing them about the area, and all the advantages to achieve their dream home.

All you have to do is request information and a member of our team will contact you to give you all the details every step of the way.

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We are at the industry's cutting edge with the latest designs and quality specifications in order to provide you with the best available option. Our technical team is in charge of preparing cutting edge projects with modern designs and applying top quality construction specifications, material and installations, while taking full advantage of energy and environmental efficiency.

Our architects and designers are able to offer a service without limitations. If you require an alternative solution for the type of home you are looking to purchase, we are able to create a brand new project to meet all your needs, such as different layout, wheelchair friendly, etc.


 We have a wide range of design options to highlight your property's attractiveness in harmony with its surroundings, while making the most of natural light and warmth by adding creativity to the different home areas, in order to obtain the right balance between design, architecture and efficiency. If you would like us to design a bespoke interior, our team will be delighted to discuss your ideas and make any suggestions to ensure that you can enjoy a unique design created just for you.


At PalaciosMar Group, innovation is always within your reach. We are delighted to help improve the lifestyle and comfort of all our customers, and for that reason we assist you in making the most of all currently available home technology as much as possible.

System integration: You will be able to switch on any system such as the WIFI connection, laptops, tablets and TV sets from any part of the house. Our aim is to ensure that all our customers are able to fully enjoy every comfort while at home.

Security: You will no longer need to worry thanks to the range of already installed security devices. Checking your home from any part in the world should no longer be an issue. Opening your door in the event of an emergency, checking the alarm status or access control panels have now become everyday essentials.

Control: You will be able to control and to schedule all connected devices including shutters, lighting, electrical appliances, etc. from any mobile device while making savings and achieving further energy efficiency.



 At PalaciosMar Group you will be able to find the right advice. Just ask a member of staff and we will refer you to a number of independent professional advisors. We can also take care of any paperwork involved in the purchase of your home, such as obtaining your Foreign ID card, utility company registration, opening a bank account, etc.

  • Mortgages and Finance: Don't allow any obstacles to let you down. If you need help with a mortgage application in order to fulfil your dream, we can manage this for you with no commitment. We work with a number of credit entities to ensure that you will be able to pick the most convenient option for you. We can also manage your investment fund as part or full payment towards your new home.


  • Solicitor:  We work with a number of independent professionals at your service who can speak your language and provide advice on any legal matter in Spain at the time of purchase. We can also arrange sworn document translations as requested by our customers. PalaciosMar Group has guarantees in place to protect all deposits paid by customers before completion.


  • Tax advisor:  We can also help if you decide to relocate to Spain. A range of professionals will offer you special discounted rates to provide comprehensive advice in matters such as conveyance related tax and any other issues that you may need to be aware of as a new Spanish resident, whether you are looking for a job here or enjoying your retirement..


  • Insurance: New build homes are provided with a ten year insurance policy to protect you against any structural and cosmetic issues. However, if you would like to take out a personal home insurance policy, we can also arrange a policy with higher levels of cover for your peace of mind..


 At PalaciosMar Group, we have a keen eye for detail. So we provide a personalised ongoing after sales service where one of our representatives will send you all required information regarding your property's progress for new builds and answer all your queries. In addition to this, PalaciosMar Group has a private area available to all our customers where you can check progress on any paperwork, process and access your own events calendar.