Costa Blanca


A paradise waiting to be discovered.


For several years, this area has been a top holiday destination among Spaniards, gradually becoming a favourite with European citizens as well, thus transforming the area into a cosmopolitan environment. Here you will be spoiled for choice between Guardamar beaches and a stroll in the countryside or the mountain. With easy journeys at affordable prices, thanks to our excellent roads and unbeatable public transport.

Our 244 km of Mediterranean beaches feature fine sands and deep blue waters, coves and cliffs. With more than 320 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 15ºC, this is a very pleasant area to live and spend your holidays, a microclimate that is ideal for any family activity. Isla de Tabarca, a place where you may enjoy a trip to look under the sea.  A small fishing island where you can spend a wonderful day out enjoying its crystal clear waters, with its nature reserve, where you may also practice diving and snorkelling.

 Here you can enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities, particularly water sports (windsurf, fishing) without forgetting golf, one of the most popular with Formentera del Segura locals, including nearby golf courses like Villamartin, La Finca and La Marquesa only 5 minutes away. A further 15 minutes away you can find five more golf courses in nearby towns to cater for the huge demand for this type of sport in the area.

In addition to all this, you can delight in our typical Costa Blanca cuisine, strongly influenced by the Mediterranean diet, which combines the flavours of our most typical dishes from the

Travelling is learning. Costa Blanca is a proficient region when it comes to showcasing its history, art, popular celebrations and its heritage as a strong cultural asset. August and September are the months during which the local Formentera del Segura celebrations are held, featuring a street parade with floats, street bands, drinks stalls, temporary outdoor stages and many more surprises. During July we also have the “Muslims and Christians” celebrations, which are very popular in the Costa Blanca due to their Touristic appeal.

With its colourful parades and battle re-enactments, this is a great event that you cannot miss.

We also have Sevillanas parties, Children fairgrounds, Carnival celebrations, Año Festero, and many more popular events.