PalaciosMar Corporate group

About us 

PalaciosMar Group is a family construction business founded in 1991 which specialises in the building and marketing of residential developments in southern Costa Blanca. Our commitment is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction by creating excellent quality homes and a renovated design.


We build upon our experience of many years, during which we have developed our own structure comprising a professional team who efficiently deals with all the planning concerning our projects and services.


Our main headquarters at PalaciosMar Group are located in Formentera Del Segura (Alicante). We also have several sales offices in all our residential developments and, thanks to our collaborators, we are also present abroad.  


Our business areas 


  • Real Estate development:

Our main business at PalaciosMar Group is the promotion, construction and marketing of residential and holiday homes around the Costa Blanca

  • Agricultural business:

PalaciosMar Group has large areas of land which are used for the cultivation of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and satsumas since 1999. From that point in time, we ​started diversifying our business activities.

  • Renewable energy:

We are committed towards renewable energy. In 2007, we expanded our strategic business plan to include the installation of solar panels for clean energy generation, thus improving our environmental responsibility.

  • We build homes that are tailored to your dreams:

We have a proven track record of looking after every detail during the creation, planning and development while creating fully tailored design and construction processes by request from our customers, which are managed with the highest transparency by maintaining you constantly informed..

Company ethos 

Our goal is to achieve the highest customer satisfaction in all our business areas, while providing you with total peace of mind, trust and friendly advice throughout the process. Our motivation is our passion towards work, which is based on principles such as solvency, transparency and commitment. We remain fully responsible with all our stakeholders at all times.


An excellent team to serve our customers.

Our organisational structure is based upon experience and leadership, with a young and dynamic team that are constantly rewarded for their ongoing progress in achieving their daily targets both efficiently and effectively.
In addition to our products and services, at PalaciosMar Group, we believe that our human resources are the best added value to ensure good company operation thanks to their skills, reliability and friendliness towards our customers



PalaciosMar Group was founded by Mr. Rodriguez Menarguez in 1991. A family business that grew to become what it is today, a company with a solid infrastructure and a consolidated industry reputation.